11 Style Tips All Men Should Know

Do you want to be unique and getting noticed? If your answer is yes, then you must know a few very simple but significant Style Tips. Without any delay, let’s come to the point and see what these useful tips are all about.

1. Wear the dress that fits: One of the best Style tip is to wear the dress that fits the best. It makes your body attractive and prominent. As a result, it enhances your style.
2. Wearing a watch acts as a cherry on the cake: Try to wear a watch, it adds up the style and portray you as a sober personality.
3. Color Matching: Matching the colors of your shoes, watch-strap and your tie, can make you look handsome.
4. Using Sunglasses: Using such sunglasses which suits you more matters a lot, because it can make or break your look.
5. Wearing the Lenses: Changing your eye color with lenses shows various glimpses of your personality. If you are fashion and style lover, Must Try this.
6. Making the Cufflinks visible: It is a fact that cufflinks represents the grace. So, you must know and follow this style tip, especially at work place and in meetings.
7. Matching the Shoes: If your shoes don’t match with your suit, consider your style got ruined. Make sure to wear the shoes which perfectly match with your suit.
8. Smile instead of Laugh: One of the most common, but effective tip that enhances your style is to smile gently (one sided), instead of a big laugh.
9. Use diverse kind of clothing: Instead of wearing the same category of dresses, focus on trying diverse kind of dressing.
10. Hair Styling: Setting up the hair according to the personality adds more glamour to one’s personality.
11. Preferring the Quality, not Quantity: You must focus on wearing the quality dresses which gives you a charming look, rather than focusing on filling up the wardrobe with useless stuff.

    Memorize these Style Tips on your finger-tips; you will not look less than perfect.