7 Things Every Man Must Own

Be it to make life a little easier, or just look your best at all times, there are certain things that every man should own. Check out this definitive list of seven things every man should own.

  1. A leather Belt

Every man needs a good leather belt. If your pants have belt loops, wear a belt. It’s more than a fashion statement. It is a statement of style and image. In fact, your belt should always match your shoes.

  1. A Tailored Suit

There are always at least a few occasions when a man needs a tailored suit. Something off the rack just doesn’t fit as nicely as a suit made to fit you specifically.

  1. Masculine Cologne

You can grab a little Ax body spray off the shelf at Walmart, but for the really special occasions you need something that lasts. Every man should have a signature scent that will remind every woman of you when she smells it.

  1. A Leather Wallet

Shoving everything in your pockets makes you look like a slob. It is hard to keep track of your money when its wadded up in balls. Every man should have a leather wallet with a few slots for credit cards and your identification.

  1. Quality Bed Sheets

A man is nothing without a good night’s sleep. A sheet set made with quality, durable fibers such as a 100% cotton makes for a much more comfortable sleep experience. It helps with falling asleep faster too. Cotton sheets are best for sweaty sleepers. It wicks moisture from the body keeping you cool all night. Check out our 100% Cotton Cool & Crisp Sheet Set

  1. A Comfy Pillow

Pillows with strong, durable fibers are able to support your neck and back comfortably, allowing you to get the best rest possible. Without proper support in a pillow, you will suffer neck and back pain.

  1. A Quality Watch

While most people look to their cell phones for everything, including the time, every man should a good quality watch. More than a time piece, a watch is a statement of style and sophistication.