7 ways to Masculinize your bedroom

The bedroom, nowadays, is not just considered as a conventional space where one should have a bed to sleep, instead, it has been modernized in a way, that you can give it a masculine or feminine touch. How? Let us share 7 most significant ways that how you can musculinize your bedroom.  

1. Color tone: The most significant way to Masculinize your bedroom is to give it a dark color shade, i.e. grey and black shades are recommended. If you want to make it colorful, you can use the bold color tones.

2. Patterns: Once you are interested in making you room Masculine, do not use the sweet patterns, instead, better to use herringbone, stripes and plaids.

3. Material Usage: When it comes to Masculinity, it is always recommended to use polished mahogany, glass, steel and concrete.

4. Furniture: Masculine bedrooms are usually comprised of such furniture which is mostly bigger in scale, while the feminine are of usually smaller scaled furniture. So, making your bedroom masculine requires having quite big scale furniture.

5. Art and Interior: In the masculine bedrooms, bold art are usually found on the walls. It basically gives an impression of strength, dominance and being strong.

6. Shapes: If you want to make your room masculine, make it free from frills. The lines and edges of the architecture of your bedroom should be straight and geometric.

7. Bed sheets: Dark colored, plain or textured bed sheets are recommended for the masculine bedrooms. So, better try to avoid flowery or pink colored tones for your Masculine bedroom. Read 11 masculine bedroom ideas for how to best style your sheets.

Your bedroom is a place which makes you feel the way to want to be felt. By using the above mentioned tips and techniques, you can simply design a well structured ‘Masculine Bedroom’.