5 Easy Bedroom Routines to Help You Fall Asleep

Sleep is health! Yes, it is an undeniable fact that when you get a good night rest your body undergoes conducive repair of your internal organs such as your brain, heart, kidney, and many others. Medical studies have proven that sleep deficiency has been linked to several serious diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney malfunction, and other high-risk diseases.

Here are simple yet effective tips to sleep better.

1. It all starts with the pillow.
You don't want to sleep on a rough pillow that gives you neck pain when you wake up. Buying a perfectly fit pillow for your sleep preference should be a top priority. Sleep is the time when your body regains optimum function so it is best to choose your sleep buddies pretty well. (What Type of sleeper are you? )

2. Clean sheets that smell really good.
Your bedroom should be clean and conducive for sleeping. When the scent of your sheets are clean and refreshing, it relaxes your mind and signals your brain that it is time to get some sleep. You can also put some scented oil in your bedroom to complete the relaxing aroma.

3. Maintain a healthy diet.
Avoid caffeinated drinks, and alcohol intake especially before bedtime. Always check that you are eating a healthy balanced diet. It is also effective to take a glass of milk before going to bed to help you dose to sleep.

4. Stop smoking.
Nicotine is a harmful stimulant that prevents you from getting a good night sleep. Studies have shown that smokers exacerbates sleep apnea, a  breathing disorders, than non-smokers. It is best to stay fit, so quit this not so friendly habit!

5. Stop using your gadgets.
Train yourself to avoid looking at your mobile phone screen or other gadgets that emit light. You need to relax your eyes and condition your brain that it is time for sleep.