What makes you a Stomach, Side, or Back Sleeper

We do have different styles of sleeping, i.e. some of us are the Stomach sleeper, some are Back Sleepers and some are the Side Sleepers, but have you ever think that what makes us adopt a particular posture to sleep? The answer may be ‘NO’, but we are sure that everyone must be curious to know the answer. Let us tell you the answer of this mystery.

            Many of the researchers have tried to find out that either we adopt a particular sleeping posture through our genetic make-up or due to some other factors. It has been found that the sleeping postures are not based on genetics; instead they are based on the environmental and behavioral factors. The most common factors which make us the Stomach, Side, or Back Sleeper are

 1. Body Mass: Higher the body mass, greater will be the chances to be a back sleeper, this is because the other sleeping postures will be quite uncomfortable.

body mass

2. Absence or Presence of your partner: If you sleep with your partner, then you must be a side sleeper. This is because; being in contact with your partner ultimately gives you a side sleep posture.

3. The type of bed: If your bed is too comfortable and soft, then you must be a stomach sleeper, as the softness of the bed surface gives a pleasant feeling that may result in a better sleep. 


4. The Psychological Traits: It is also believed that the psychological traits, i.e. feeling sad, alone, fearful or being aggressive, are also some of the decisive factors to make you a Stomach, Side, or Back Sleeper.