7 Reasons She Won't Get Out of Bed

Intimacy between couples commences when the man and woman bargain their personal schedule to ensure that they spend quality time with each other. Here’s an impressive and proven list to get to her heart, let’s find out!

1. Caught in perfect dreamy sheets
Take her to dreamland under her Soft & Smooth Sheets. When is trapped in her favorite comfortable sheets, she will surely dose back to sleep.

2. Fixated on her man's intense sex
A woman never wants to get out of bed when her man romantically works to satisfy her in bed all day long.

3. Spoil with breakfast in bed
Who does not love a charming breakfast in bed? Work your way in the kitchen, and ask Mr. Google for helpful recipes. Cook something that will make her fall in love with you all over again.

4. Movie marathon
Every woman needs your time, yes YOUR TIME! Show her how much you care for her by spending quality time with each other on your favorite movies with a bowl of chips or popcorn. 

5. Alone Time
Sleeping, resting, and running over your thoughts is healthy! Yes, it's true! You need not be around your friends or family all the time because you need that alone time to keep you sane. You play along memory lane, think about your goals, or just enjoying your sweet thoughts about your next game plan. Trust me, you will regain the trust of what your imagination can do as it sharpens your decision making capability.

6. It's Sunday!
After an exhausting night of wine and partying, she gains her composure back from long hours of sleep while enjoying the tranquility of her Sunday's best --- rest day it is! Go back to sleep babe.

7. Don't mess with her, she's on her period!
It is the time of the month that a woman becomes moody, emotional, grumpy, just name it and she has it. She just needs an extra tender-love-care so go grab some ice cream, pizza, dark chocolate, or just answer her cravings. She deserves a special pampering after all the hassle she is going through at this time.