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Classic Cool & Crisp Duvet Set


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Our Percale Duvet Cover Set is your inserts Best Friend with cool and crisp breathability for ultimate temperature comfort.

This duvet cover is 400TC 100% Cotton Percale woven for that cool, crisp 5-star hotel sleep every night. Percale is plain in weave and characterized by a matte finish and crisp hand.

Are you a human teddy bear who prefers to be pampered by your duvet cover? Try our Soft & Smooth Duvet Cover Set 

  • Includes a Duvet Cover and two Shams
  • 400 thread count long staple, single ply 100% premium cotton percale weave
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable
  • Made in the USA
  • 30 Day Sleep Guarantee

Why Pillow Guy is the Sheet!


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30-Day Sleep Free Guarantee

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Our CraftsMANship

Certified Oeko Tex® Standard 100

Pillow Guy says never TEX and Drive but when you manufacture bedding only source from an OEKO TEX CERTIFIED facility (see what I did there) You can feel safe knowing that the bedding you are buying from Pillow Guy was all manufactured in a OEKO TEX CERTIFIED facility. OK GREAT! But what does that even mean… Well to attain Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. Boom! With Pillow Guy you sleep comfortable and safe.

Natural Fibers

Pillow Guy Chose to use natural fibers only. Natural fibers are good for you and good for the environment. They are a sustainable resource and they can be used without depleting or damaging the environment. Natural fibers ‘breathe’, keeping you comfortable in hot weather by absorbing perspiration and releasing it into the air. And lastly, our sheets are not treated with chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

100% Cotton Percale 400 Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. As the thread count rises, the fabric becomes softer, denser and warmer. Bored yet or shall I continue… A higher thread count does not necessarily mean a higher quality sheet. Thread counts advertised in excess of 600 are often misrepresented by manufacturers in order to trick customers. They count not just each thread, but each ply spun together within each thread. As multi-ply construction is often used to strengthen lower-grade cotton, a super high thread count can actually indicate the presence of a lower-quality sheet. Blah Blah Blah, not sure if you got all that Guys, but don't sweat it. This is why Pillow Guy was created so you can sit back, relax and leave all the bedding jargon to us. We created the best bedding just for you and you can Try risk free for 30 days plus Free Shipping!

Single Ply Long Staple Cotton

We exclusively use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest threads. It can only be spun from long-staple cotton, and results in light, soft, yet extremely long-lasting sheets. Multi-ply yarns are garbage and we don't sell garbage, we sell the best, most comfortable, stylish, simple and yet sophisticated bedding!

Percale Weave

Pillow Guy would like to introduce you to the younger, “cooler” cousin to Sateen… PERCALE. Percale is a plain (not boring)-weave fabric, meaning that the warp and the weft threads cross over and under each other one at a time. A Percale weave has a crisp, cool feel with a matte finish. Typically it breathes and has a lighter, airier feeling. The reality is that when you think luxury 5-star hotel sheets, think Pillow Guy Cool & Crisp Bedding.


No guy or girl for that matter wants to sweat at night, it’s wet and not fun. Therefore, we choose a breathable fabric which allows for maximum airflow.. Plus it wouldn’t be nice not to allow your sheets to breath; it may even be illegal in some states. Pillow Guy = Breathable sheets.


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"The look and feel has that 5 star hotel comfort and quality"

Verified Buyer

Jay O.

"They are everything we wanted, cool, crisp, soft and so comfortable! Love them!"

Verified Buyer

Mark B.

"Got the package, which was the coolest packaging. That bag is hilarious…. All my friends want a bag. Sheets are really crisp and looks great on my bed"

Verified Buyer

Chris D.

Ready To Order, But Still Have Questions?

Typically, if the duvet cover and shams are used continuously, you’ll get 4-5 years of use before they start to show some wear and about 7-8 years if you rotate them with other duvet sets. Check out our care instructions on how to keep your duvet set lasting fresh and longer.

Pillow Guy is a vertically integrated company, which means we control the process from production all the way until we ship out the product. We have on own warehouse located in near Los Angeles, CA where we ship your bedding from. All orders received before 9am PST will be shipped out same day so depending on where you live it can take anywhere from 2-5 business day to receive your bedding.

Although we really doubt that you'll be unhappy with Pillow Guy products, we understand that bedding does boil down to personal preference so we won't make it uncomfortable at all when it comes to returns. If for any reason at all you'd like to return (you actually don't even need to give us a reason) within 30 days of purchase, all you got to do it complete this or call us at 844... and we'll email you a prepaid return shipping labels and you'll receive a full refund once we receive the product back at our warehouse.

Pillow Guy prides itself in not using harsh chemicals in our products, therefore our duvet sets cannot be wrinkle-free. Like any 100% cotton products, your duvet cover and shams will naturally wrinkle but they'll will wrinkle less and less with every wash and use. Although it really is a huge pain but we recommend hang drying your duvet cover and shams to prevent significant wrinkling. If you prefer to use a dryer, we recommend taking them out of the dryer 5 minutes before the cycle ends and hanging them to dry.