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The star of the show and quite naturally the focus of the room is the bed.

To get started you have two choices- platform bed or classic bed. Platform beds sit closer to the ground and don’t require a box spring. The mattress simply lays on top of the frame. Given the low-profile nature of this bed- it’s perfect for a modern look.

Classic beds are lifted higher off the ground and require both the box spring and mattress- giving you extra height. While the name says classic- you can find these beds in any style. Going with a classic

Platform Beds

Classic Beds

Next up you can take 3 different routes- Wood, Metal, or Upholstered Headboards/frames.

Wood tends to be the most masculine & versatile of the three. Distressed woods can create a rustic or modern look while more traditional wood beds create a classic yet cozy feel.

Metal beds can give off an edgy or industrial vibe. They will come off a bit colder but do not let this steer you away- as textiles such as rugs and bedding can easily add the needed warmth.

Upholstered beds will give your room a softer feeling. This however does not mean it won’t be masculine. Upholstery in leather or fabrics such as tweed or twill are the perfect manly touch to any room.





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