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The ultimate Pillow Guy question- do you prefer soft and smooth or cool crisp sheets? If soft and smooth is calling your name, opt for the Luxe Soft and Smooth Sheet set made from 100% Micro-TENCEL® giving you an irresistibly soft, smooth, and breathable sleep. If cool and crisp is more your jam, go for the Classic Cool & Crisp Sheet Set made from 400 TC cotton Percale- just like your favorite crisp white shirt, these sheets guarantee you a 5-star hotel sleep every night.

We recommend keeping your sheets a nice neutral color. This gives you more flexibility to have a little fun in other parts of your bedroom. You don’t want to limit yourself to matching your sheets.

It’s best to have 3 sets of sheets to rotate out. No one wants to be caught with a naked bed on laundry day!


Carleen Laronn

The Author

Carleen Laronn is the model with interior motives. A business graduate turned designer, she is a creative soul and the perfect combination for your interior design needs. Whether modeling in front of a camera or transforming a dull or empty space into a dream home-  it’s clear, Carleen’s passion has always been to create. Her experience in both the design and fashion industry have refined her taste and skills allowing her to create unique, one of a kind designs that speak to her clients. Want to work with Carleen? Contact info below! 

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