What Should I Bring In My Suitcase?

For most men packing a suitcase is usually very simple: jeans, shirts, shorts, shoes, slippers, briefs and socks. "I'm ready, let's go!".

Only then, during the trip, comes the question: "Did I bring that item?". That is, you always end up forgetting something. Men end up being the opposite of the woman who likes to take things over.

We from Pillow Guy come up with the idea of ​​creating this post to help you not forget the most important items when it comes to packing your suitcases.

Pen!? Notepad!? Ready? Okay, take notes.

The basic items for a man traveling aren't just those quoted above, they should be complimented (it sounds like your girlfriend, wife or mom right now, no?)

  • - If it is a business trip with formal meetings, you can not forget to wear a jacket, jacket, social pants, social shirt, social socks and social shoes.

  • - If you are going for a summer vacation, you can not forget to wear shorts, boat races, swim trunks, swimwear and a bath towel.

  • - Beauty items such as shaving, shaving solution, aftershave, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and perfume are also required items. 

  • - It is important to carry at least one jacket in the men's suitcases even if traveling to hot places, after all the weather changes at all times.

  • - As a handbag, men usually have a backpack. It is recommended to take a change of clothes, slippers, electronics and documents. 

Hopefully with these tips you won't forget anything in your next trip!! 

Do you have any other important item that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments. 


Thais Costa is from Brazil, she has journalism and marketing as a profession and passion. She currently lives in California and is completely addicted to traveling. 

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