9 Top Men's Magazine You Might Want To Read

We’re always seeking stories, be it on social media, books or magazines - to become more of the version of us that we believe in. Reading, over all other arts and activities has always been the first go-to for information, inspiration, entertainment and excitement. And, all of this comes packaged perfectly in the many magazines we browse through when we’re waiting in the airport lounge or in your dentist’s lobby.

It’s a lap-sized curation of culture and news that keeps us updated, and intelligently so.

It might come as a surprise but the onslaught of digital media on print has not yet spread to magazines. In fact, the numbers show that magazines in the entertainment and lifestyle categories are doing as good as the old days.Here’s a must-read list of magazines for men who are savvy, curious and have a refined taste in all worldly things or want to become a well-groomed 21st century man. Covering different facets of a man’s life - fitness, technology, business, sports and culture, a list of Top 9 Magazines for Men is:

1. Men’s Health – With the largest distribution in the world, this magazine prints 39 editions in over 59 countries. Men’s Health is a man’s guide to winning, be it fitness or fashion, it speaks right the new-age health conscious generation of men who know that looking good also means feeling good.

Learn More: www.menshealth.com


2.Car and Driver – of the engine and seek adventure with high-powered motorsports. The magazine offers detailed market news, reviews and comparisons for the techies who like to keep up with what’s what

Learn More: www.caranddriver.com


3.Sports Illustrated – One of the most famous sports magazines, Sports Illustrated is for the ones whose heart is always in the game. With the latest news, announcements and analysis; when it comes to sports, it lets you play the field completely.

Learn More  www.si.com/

 4. GQ – This 50-year-old New York based lifestyle magazine is like the black essentials in your fashion collection - it’s for those who seek sophistication and suave; who want to look sharper and smarter. It’s witty and urbane writing makes it more than just a simple style and grooming magazine.

Learn more: www.gq.com


5.Inc. – It’s a business magazine for innovators and entrepreneurs who want to learn the tricks of the trade. It offers real solutions to read world problems, a must read for a man with big dream who is interested in startups and business.

Learn: More www.inc.com


6.Wired – This is primarily a computer magazine aimed at the smart young techies who want to understand - how’s technology changing the world, what’s trending in tech, and critical updates on business and politics. It also covers the latest in gadgets with in-depth reviews

Learn more: www.wired.com


7.The Economist – This weekly magazine is the authoritative voice in world business and current affairs, with an editorial stance it offers nuanced insights and opinions. Here’s the kind of content you want to be updated with if you want to come across as a man who knows what’s he talking about.

Learn more  www.economist.com


8.National Geographic – This is the flagship magazine of the National Geographic network, with a wide readership for over 100 years. Most known for its breathtaking photo essays and wildlife coverage, it has great pieces on popular science, history and culture. A must-read for those who look to the wild for adventure.

Learn more  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/

Rolling Stones – It’s a classic name in the magazine world, known for its edgy entertainment with a focus on pop culture, music and celebrities. From the biggest celeb interviews to the latest in audio-tech, music reviews and more, Rolling Stones keeps its name from gathering moss.

Learn more : www.rollingstone.com

You can subscribe to these magazines from their website, from magazine apps, Amazon or even get digital copies delivered to your Kindle! Or pick them up at the closest bookstore or newsstand.