7 Tips to Guarantee She Stays the Night

Are all of your good nights ending far too soon? Getting that special girl to stay until morning can be tough, but there are many things that can help you persuade her to agree.

#1 Pick The Right Night

When you decide to offer her to sleep over, make sure the question follows the right conversation. There are many reasons why tonight might not be the night, and most are out of your control. Is it a busy work week? Is she extremely stressed out? Has she informed you that something big is going on and distracting her?

#2 Make Sure It’s Romantic

This seems like a given, right? But, it goes back to picking the right night. If things just haven’t been going as planned or they don’t feel like they are clicking as you expected them to, you’re less likely to get an enthusiastic yes. Be sure to set the night up with full-out romance and a relaxed mood.

#3 Be Spontaneous 

You should think ahead of time about when you’ll be asking her to stay over for the first time, and then plan things so that it all leads up to an excited yes answer to the question. But, don’t be afraid to change your plans if it isn’t going to plan.

Did you spill wine on her dress and then half listen as she took an emergency call from her boss? Again, think about whether your timing is right. Maybe you should reset the romance and try again another night.

#4 Go Back To Your Place

You’re much more likely to get a yes answer to her spending the night if you already have plans to go back to your place, at least for a while.

This means maybe inviting her over for a special meal cooked by you or some other legitimate reason why you two should hang at your place rather than spending the whole night out. This helps you set that romantic mood and gauge if your timing is good. 


#5 Get The House Ready

  A sink full of dishes and a dirty place are definitely things that will turn her off from spending the night. Before she arrives, be sure everything is in perfect order. It should smell nice, look nice, and feel nice all throughout the house. Make it welcoming and like a place where she’ll want to stay.

#6 Make Sure Your Bedding Is clean comfy 

if you really want to convince her to spend the night, you need to make it the most enjoyable option she has! No one wants to stay over if they are going to be sleeping on scratchy sheets or a rock solid mattress. You need the smoothest bedding and the most comfortable pillow you can find.

#7 Don’t Rush Things

Was dinner less than appetizing? Were you late for the movie? Did your star gazing on the balcony get rained out? While these can turn the night into a scene from a romantic comedy, usually they will bring down the mood. When things don’t feel right, that should deter you from offering as it pretty much sets you up for a no answer, which in turn makes it more likely for her to say no in the future if you were to ask her again.

Don’t rush things! When the timing is right, ask her. When it’s not, wait for another chance.