13 Hilarious Things People Do at Work

Have you heard of productive procrastination? Well, we from Pillow Guy have prepared some examples of what this is about (just because this is funny). 

Below is a list that will show you completely useless things that people decided to do at work instead of working.

If you don't want to join this list, I suggest you don't read this article while you are at work. 

1. Take crazy funny pictures

2. Build creatures with office supplies

3. Create art with post-its

4. Make rubber band ball (classic)

Ps: Paul we understand you! 

5. Play with the pencil sharper 

6. Build a castle (why not?)

7. Play with Excel 

8. Start a war 

9. Make art using money 

10. Make a spoon family 

11. Play with the snacks 

12. Play with the scissors 

13. Or you can create your twin, nobody will notice that is not you at your desk 

You had fun reading this article, didn't you? Now go back to work before your boss realizes you are not really working. Or you can leave us a comment and share this article with your friends.