Flat Sheet or Duvet Cover?

There’s a swell of debate about the sheets we choose for our beds, with talk of shaking up the accepted system. The flat sheet has come under fire and is being tossed out by millennials, with a preference for a duvet cover instead of a flat sheet between the sleeper and the duvet. While there are benefits to keeping the top sheet as part of your bedding repertoire, the new trend of dumping the tight tuck is putting forward a persuasive argument. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each option. 

Flat Sheet



  • 1. Keeps the duvet clean.

The flat sheet serves as a protective shield for your top blankets, creating a barrier from germs and dead skin cells. This leaves you with less washing, with only the flat sheet needing a wash every week rather than the top blankets.

  • Aids in temperature control.

In warmer and cooler months, your sleeping temperature needs change. Having a flat sheet can add that subtle, thin layer of bedding that helps you get the perfect temperature for maximum rest. 


  • More work to make the bed

If you’ve ever made a bed with a flat sheet, you will know the horrors of tucking the corners and ensuring a well-made bed. Flat sheets add time and effort to your overall bad-making experience.

  • Gets crumpled up in a corner of the bed if its not tucked firmly.

 If you’re a tossing-and-turning type of sleeper, flat sheets can often end up disheveled, wrapping awkwardly around your legs until you kick them off in a fit of fury. A way around this is the hospital grade tight tuck, but that can be an uncomfortable option for those who don’t enjoy the restricted feeling it can bring. 

Duvet Cover



  • Less work to make the bed

A simple cover over your duvet will allow you to make your bed quickly and easily. The thickness of a duvet makes it easier to throw over the bed and straighten out than a flat sheet, giving you a convenient and simple bed-making process in the morning.

  • Protects the top side of the duvet as well as underneath

 As well as being colorful and exciting additions to your bedroom, duvet covers protect all surfaces of the duvet. With a cover, your duvet will be protected from spills and gathering dust. 


  • Duvets and other top blankets need to be washed more often when there’s no top sheet.

To ensure you are getting rid of all the germs that will make their way onto your top blankets when you sleep without a top sheet, they should be washed weekly opposed to less often when a flat sheet is used. 

What do you prefer? Ultimately, the verdict on flat sheets vs duvet covers comes down to your individual sleeping style. Whether you wish to join the revolution or stick to tradition, the choice is yours to make. Try out both options and see what works best for you.