Do You Have Towel Etiquette?

If You Don’t Have Towels In These Areas Of Your Home, You’re Doing It Wrong


There is nothing like wrapping up in an oversized towel after stepping out of the shower. And if you have an overnight guest (hehe), it’s great etiquette to offer her or him an oversized bath towel.  They will remember you, and your towel etiquette!

As adolescents transition into adulthood, you might not have realized how essential towels are for all around the house until you really needed one, and it wasn’t there. Well, save yourself the trouble and stock up on high-quality oversized towels for the bathroom, as well as these other areas of the home.



Or entryway, landing, or foyer… Whatever you call that spot, it’s the space where you keep your shoes, coat, and hat. Traditionally, this space is used to help keep the house clean by serving as an area to shield items contaminated by inclement weather, where they can dry out and get cleaned up. Having a few oversized towels in your mudroom will let you and your guests feel like new after going in from the rain. You can towel off your hands also when you’re done. A soft hand towel here can clean the rain from your glasses.


Game/Party Room

Whatever room in the house you use to entertain guests the most should also have a good supply of bar-style hand towels. If the game gets dramatic or the drinks get flowing, something is going to get spilled. Instead of running to the kitchen to grab paper towels (and maybe discovering you’re out!) Get ahead of the problem by stocking hand towels just for the occasion. When that last-minute field goal upsets the top team, and Steve’s celebration sends whiskey and cola flying through the room onto the sofa, carpet, and walls; toss him a hand towel for clean up. Go ahead and take those hand towels you already have, bring them to the party room.



For obvious reasons, you’ll want to keep some towels around your shed and workshop. In fact, instead of throwing out the old bath and kitchen towels, retire them to the studio. Wiping off sawdust, cleaning paint spills, applying stains, and cleaning up your workspace are just a few uses you’ll find. It’s also more economical and environmentally friendly to keep towels around. You’ll be saving money on paper towels, and you won’t be creating waste.



Ok so, your car isn’t technically a room in your house, but you still want to keep some small towels in your car and garage. Even if you’re not a gearhead, they will come in handy for several small tasks. So go buy yourself new towels, and move the old ones to the garage…Now! You’ll need to wipe the dipstick when you check your oil. You might need it to protect your hands from the heat if you have to remove the radiator cap. You’ll want a towel to wipe the grime off your fingers when you air your tires. Even if you’re not doing essential maintenance, having a few towels around can clean up spills before they set into your upholstery.



This one is a no brainer. There are so many uses for towels in the kitchen that it doesn’t make sense not to keep them around. While wiping surfaces is the most obvious use, with improvised pot holders being the second, there is a plethora of kitchen uses for towels. A light, linen towel can be used as a filter or in place of cheesecloth. A towel under your cutting board will keep it from sliding around. Wrapping your herbs gently in a damp cloth helps keep them fresh in the refrigerator, and a folding a towel around fresh, warm bread help keep it from cooling off too fast.