Pillow Guy Started With One Goal....

To create incredible luxury bedding designed for you, and deliver it to your doorstep in an affordable, no-nonsense package.

Our bedding bundles not only offer the highest quality pillowssheetsduvets and covers on the market (without the department store markup), but they are also tailor-made for any sleep style or preference.


After years of working in the bedding industry

selling some of the highest user rated pillows on the market and earning a reputation as “The Pillow Guy” — founder and CEO Isaac Scharf, started to see just how overwhelming it was to find quality luxury bedding.

“I was a single guy living in Los Angeles. My friends and I enjoy the finer things in life, and we knew what we wanted when it came to our cars, our clothes, restaurants, and travel."

"Between the fabrics, thread counts, and densities, there were almost too many options."


But when it came to bedding —“I knew there had to be a way to streamline the process for those of us who just wanted high quality, luxury bedding without the hassle of combing through countless reviews or aimlessly roaming department store aisles."

“We put in the hard work, R&D and field testing to find the finest fabrics, most comfortable fills and optimized densities for stomach, side or back sleepers. The materials are ethically sourced with sustainable options, and we’ve chosen colors and designs that will fit into any bedroom.

"If you don't go home and look forward to lying in bed, chances are you need an upgrade. And Pillow Guy is here to help"

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What inspired you to start Pillow Guy?

I’m recently single and I didn’t know where to start with buying bedding. So I went to TJ Maxx, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond (we skipped WalMart.) We picked out very ugly bedding. 

That bedding can be a little embarrassing when someone visits! I think all of us, men or women, want nice bedding. 

Do you like shopping for bedding?

No. Which is why I created this site. To make it convenient for everyone. 

What are you looking for in bedding? 

Comfort, style, and simplicity. Shopping for sheets at a store means you’re basically running around, fitting pieces like pillows, sheets, inserts, comforters, into this complicated bed shaped puzzle.

With Pillow Guy, you get everything you need. We also created our products to be wrinkle-resistant, so after you pull your clean sheets out of the dryer it doesn’t look like it just went through … a dryer. 


Founder & CEO of Pillow Guy


Meet the Team

We are more than just a team, we are a family. We at Pillow Guy pride ourselves on great customer care and have one goal in mind, treat our customers like our family.

Isaac Scharf

Founder & CEO

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