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1.White Goose Down Clusters

Down is the soft under plumage (a layer of insulation underneath feathers) that geese, ducks and other waterfowl have in order to keep them warm and dry.

Pillow Guy uses only the finest White Goose Down… Nope not grey down (who wants to see ugly grey down through that beautiful white cover) and we NEVER use duck down ewwww duck down tents to smell and the clusters are not as full as Goose down. That's why we got you the BEST! to keep you cozy and comfy, we guarantee you'll LOVE it or your money back. Try risk free for 30 days plus Free Shipping! Try risk free for 30 days plus Free Shipping!

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2. 100% Certified Responsible Down Standard

The Responsible Down Standard is an independent, voluntary global standard, which means that companies like Pillow Guy chose to certify their products to the RDS, even if there is no legislation requiring us to do so. The standard recognizes and rewards the best practices in animal welfare.

Pillow Guy is proud that we use ONLY 100% Certified RDS Down in all of our Down products so you won't only sleep comfortably but you can sleep guilt free. Nothing better than guilt free sleep with Pillow Guy ;)

3. 700 Fill Power

Fill power (or loft) is how the quality and size of down clusters are defined and the ability of down to regain its original volume after being compressed during shipping, storage or use. The higher the filling power, the greater the ability of down to insulate and provide warmth. 300-500 fill power is nothing you’ll ever want to try, trust me I know… 550 and above is better grade down. For your pillows, Pillow Guy uses a 650 Fill Power for the Down Pillow so you can sleep confidently knowing that you're getting the best!

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4. Hypoallergenic Goose Down

Really, that’s possible? Well growing up my Mom would always say "Hunny we don't use Down becuase I'm very allergic" well Mom maybe that's because you never tried Pillow Guy Down, duh.

Pillow Guy down is Allergen-free: The down that goes into Pillow Guy products undergoes rigorous cleaning and testing from a third party to ensure it’s free of chemicals and irritants. Testing measures turbidity, and while 400mm turbidity+ is considered hypoallergenic, our down consistently measures 1000mm turbidity+, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness and allergen-free product.

Plus it's DuraWash™ cleaned: The very best way to achieve the warmest, lightest, most durable down is to clean it properly. Our proprietary washing process involves multiple washes in biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergent and recycled water. From the washer, the down is thoroughly dried, cooled and de-dusted. We even make our Down pass through metal detectors (No TSA Pre-Check for these down clusters) and are shipped in bags and containers that prevent foreign elements like dirt and oil from compromising the quality. I mean how could you not want to try these pillows they're insanely comfortable, clean, and sustainable!

5. Down Proof Shell

We want you to keep all that yummy soft down to yourself that why we made sure the shell that hold your down is extra strong, durable, and of course Down Proof. We don't want those down clusters flying away. Pillow Guy thought of everything so you don't have to, now go enjoy the BEST SLEEP OF YOUR LIFE!

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6. Baffle Box Construction

Have you ever fallen asleep to only be woken up by a pile of stuffing which shifted to your feet, it’s 3am in the morning and you can’t figure out WTF just happened?? Well me too, that’s why we designed our comforters with a Baffle Box Construction. NO MORE SHIFTING, each compartment is filled with the perfect amount of down so there are never cold spots, missing down or damn shifting! For your information this is the best construction for Down or Down Alternative Comforters and now you can try them RISK FREE!

6. 100% Cotton

Well Guys this one's pretty self explanitory... But here goes, we use only the finest 100% Cotton for all our Cotton Products. Cotton is known to be extremely absorbent, soft and durable. Don’t be fooled by those “Cotton Rich” products they just make themselves rich and give you nothing in return.

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8. 400 Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. As the thread count rises, the fabric becomes softer, denser and warmer. Bored yet or shall I continue…

A higher thread count does not necessarily mean a higher quality sheet.

Thread counts advertised in excess of 600 are often misrepresented by manufacturers in order to trick customers. They count not just each thread, but each ply spun together within each thread. As multi-ply construction is often used to strengthen lower-grade cotton, a super high thread count can actually indicate the presence of a lower-quality sheet.Blah Blah Blah, not sure if you got all that Guys, but don't sweat it. This is why Pillow Guy was created so you can sit back, relax and leave all the bedding jargon to us. We created the best bedding just for you and you can try is risk free for 30 days plus Free shipping!

7. Single Ply Long Staple Cotton

Pillow Guy uses only long-staple cotton otherwise you're just buying crappy bedding and we don't want you to do that again. You're on your way to getting your Sheet together! Long staple cotton also produces the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibers in the world. In the case of cotton - a longer staple is a better staple and you deserve the Best!

We exclusively use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest threads. It can only be spun from long-staple cotton, and results in light, soft, yet extremely long-lasting sheets.Multi-ply yarns are garbage and we don't sell garbage, we sell the best, most comfortable, styalish, simple and yet sophysitcated bedding!

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