7 Tips to Guarantee She Stays the Night


Are all of your good nights ending far too soon? Getting that special girl to stay until morning can be tough, but there are many things that can help you persuade her to agree. #1 Pick The Right Night When you decide to offer her to sleep over, make sure...

7 Signs it's Time For a New Pillow

- 2 min

 There are few things in life as universally loved as a good night’s sleep. Getting a good sleep depends upon your sleeping environment and, of course, the bed you sleep on. When your pillow becomes old and worn, it is no longer comfortable and can make getting to sleep much...

5 Alternatives to Netflix and chill

- 2 min read
There is nothing as gratifying as a marathon binge of the latest Netflix exclusive, which credit to their awesome consumption-pattern recognition, is bound 

7 Father’s Day Gifts He Will Love

- 2 min read
When it comes to the perfect Father’s Day gift, you want to keep it classic. Dads like to look stylish and have nice things just as much as moms do...

7 Things Every Man Must Own

- 2 min read
Be it to make life a little easier, or just look your best at all times, there are certain things that every man should own. Check out this definitive list of seven things every man

7 Reasons She Won't Get Out of Bed

- 2 min read
Intimacy between couples commences when the man and woman bargain their personal schedule to ensure that they spend

11 Style Tips All Men Should Know

- 2 min read
Do you want to be unique and getting noticed? If your answer is yes, then you must know a few very simple but significan

7 ways to Masculinize your bedroom

- 1 min read
The bedroom, nowadays, is not just considered as a conventional space where one should have a bed to sleep, instead, it 

11 Masculine Bedroom Ideas

- 1 min read

The masculine style is based on a decoration with less information, without too many ornaments, having only the basic items in the room. Based on this, we separated 11 pictures of single masculine bedrooms decorated to inspire you. Hope you like it.  1. 2. 3. 4.  5.  6.  7. 8....

5 Foolproof Ways To Quit Snoring

- 2 min read

Snoring is a common disorder that affects many people around the world and is as uncomfortable for the person who suffers from it as for others who share the same bed or the same room. Snoring usually interrupts sleep, making it very difficult for the person to go back to...

3 Reasons To Pre-Order Now

- 3 min read

Pillow Guy believes it’s time for men to step up their bedding game and understand what true, luxury bedding is all about. Here are three reasons we think you should pre-order now.  1. The Bedding Bundle - Pillow Guy is going to simplify the way men buy their bedding forever...

Hilarious Pictures of People Falling Asleep in Public

- 1 min read

Do you know when you are super tired and can barely stay awake, even in public? Even so, I advise you to avoid falling asleep. We have never been in a very stylish position when we are sleeping and nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with a camera waiting for a funny...

13 Pictures of Sleeping Dogs in Bizarre Positions

- 1 min read

There are dogs - and people too - who sleep anywhere and anyways. Below is a list of 13 pictures of bizarre positions of sleeping dogs. Try not to laugh and tell us if you can. Seems like little Tody likes a good comforter (@elizanereis). How about little Zeus enjoying his...

13 Hilarious Things People Do at Work

- 1 min read

Have you heard of productive procrastination? Well, we from Pillow Guy have prepared some examples of what this is about (just because this is funny). Below is a list that will show you completely useless things that people decided to do at work instead of working.If you don't want to join...

What Should I Bring In My Suitcase?

- 2 min read

For most men packing a suitcase is usually very simple: jeans, shirts, shorts, shoes, slippers, briefs and socks. "I'm ready, let's go!". Only then, during the trip, comes the question: "Did I bring that item?". That is, you always end up forgetting something. Men end up being the opposite of...

12 Things Men Wear That Women Love

- 4 min video

They say the first impression is the one that stays, and in most of the time, the first impression is related to your style, right?! We from Pillow Guy love fashion and we found this video of 12 things that man wear that women love. We, of course, wanted to share...

5 Awesome Exercises You Can Do in Bed

- 4 min read

Sometimes the troubled routine not allow us to have time to do our activities in the gym, right? But there are alternatives, such as performing a workout at home. To prove this, the website Helthline listed some exercises that can be done in bed, before bed or when waking up. We from Pillow Guy,...

7 Hilarious Celebrity Quotes About Sex

- 1 min read

Are you curious what celebrities think about sex? We are.  Check out these 7 funny quotes we picked for you. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Do you like them? Know any others? Let us know in the comments.    --------------------------------------------------------- Thais Costa is from Brazil, she has journalism and...

3 Reasons Sleeping Naked Is a Good Idea

- 2 min read

Sleeping well is the key to have a good day, it improves your mood. Getting between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a day can influence many aspects of our body. But did you know that sleeping naked can be even healthier?  People who have the habit of sleeping naked can have a better quality of life than others...

Can You Lose Weight Sleeping?

- 1 min read

If you are too lazy to go to the gym and prefer to lose weight sleeping, we don't have the solution for that, but the David Lloyd Group, a gym from the UK, might. They are offering customers a slightly different class than normal. The class is called "napercise" (or sleepy exercise) and...

4 Things To Do With Your Extended Weekend

- 3 min read

Are you ready for this holiday? We came up with four ideas on how to enjoy your long weekend. Check it out! 1) Stay at home: If you are planning on staying at home because you need to relax from your busy routine or because you are a home body,...

Who's Pillow Guy?

- 2 min read

The Pillow Guy himself Isaac Scharf recently sat down to discuss his new men’s bedding brand. The self-proclaimed “Pillionaire” (that means he’s sold over a million pillows online) explains why and how he decided to create Pillow Guy. What inspired you to start Pillow Guy?I recently moved out on my...

Top 5 Funniest Pillow Memes

- 30 sec read

Behold, Pillow Guys. These are the 5 funniest pillow memes that exist on the internet. All other pillow memes must bow before these pillow memes because they are the greatest pillow memes of all time. Read them, laugh like a gentleman, and make sure you share them with your other...