Who's Pillow Guy?

The Pillow Guy himself Isaac Scharf recently sat down to discuss his new men’s bedding brand. The self-proclaimed “Pillionaire” (that means he’s sold over a million pillows online) explains why and how he decided to create Pillow Guy.

What inspired you to start Pillow Guy?
I recently moved out on my own and I didn’t know where to start with buying bedding, so I actually had my mom come in from New York to help me shop. We went to TJ Maxx, Bed, Bath, and Beyond
— thankfully, we skipped WalMart. I love my mother, but quite frankly, she picked out very ugly bedding for me. Now I have this ugly bedding and it can be a little embarrassing when someone else “visits” my bedroom and sees this freaking ugly bedding.

Do you like shopping with your mom?
No. She just picked out bedding for me she liked. Needless to say, we have very different taste

What are men are looking for in bedding?
Comfort, style, and simplicity. Shopping for sheets at a store means you’re basically running around, fitting pieces like pillows, sheets, inserts, comforters, into this complicated bed shaped puzzle. With Pillow Guy, you get everything you need in a convenient bedding bundle.

We also created our products to be wrinkle-resistant, so after you pull your clean sheets out of the dryer it doesn’t look like it just went through a dryer.

Which Pillow Guy product is your must-have?
Our sheets are incredible. We sourced the finest, hotel-quality fabric imaginable. We offer sheets that are soft and buttery if that’s your style, and we also make those nice cool, crisp sheets.

And of course, I have an affinity for the Pillow Guy pillow.

What’s on your bedside table?
A lamp, a candle. And speaker.

Follow up question since that answer was so boring... what’s in your bedside drawer?
Use your imagination.

Isaac, behind the scenes at our launch video shoot which is set to come out October 17th. Sign up for exclusive perks at 

Isaac Scharf

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