Exclusive Q&A with Star Pitcher, Walker Buehler

At Pillow Guy, we believe that sleep isn't just a necessity; it's the foundation of peak performance, both on and off the field. As a brand at the forefront of luxury sleep solutions, we're dedicated to transforming your sleep experience with premium bedding that combines the finest materials with innovative design. Our mission is to ensure that every night's rest prepares you for success in the day ahead.

Our journey has been one of passion, precision, and partnership. We're honored to be closely affiliated with star pitcher, Walker Buehler. Walker's commitment to excellence on the mound reflects our dedication to quality in every product we craft. It's about striving for perfection, whether it's in the final inning of a close game or in the intricate details of our bedding materials.

In a special feature this month, our Pillow Guy Experts caught up with Walker to discuss the critical role of sleep in recovery and performance, especially following his Tommy John surgery. Here's what Walker had to share with us:

1. How critical do you believe adequate sleep is for your recovery process from Tommy John's surgery, and how do you prioritize it amidst your demanding baseball schedule?

Walker Buehler: Sleep is huge. Not only from a recovery and physical performance standpoint but mentally it’s extremely important. Rehabbing an injury is a grueling thing and if you don’t wake up refreshed then its way more difficult to go and chip away day by day towards getting back on the field.

2. Can you share any specific sleep strategies or routines you’ve implemented to optimize your rehabilitation and performance on the field post-surgery?

Walker Buehler: We have implemented some magnesium supplementation as well as darkening shades in our bedrooms and using an eight-sleep mattress cover. We also exclusively use Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillows, the Luxe Soft & Smooth Sheets, and their extremely comfortable Down Alternative Comforters. This combo has drastically changed the way I feel when I wake up and helps ensure that I'm at my best each day.

3. In your experience, how has prioritizing quality sleep impacted your overall health, performance, and resilience as a professional athlete, particularly with the rigors of playing baseball daily?

Walker Buehler: It’s done nothing but positive things for my recovery and performance. Sleep is the lowest hanging fruit for improved performance and can make a world of difference. 

Walker's insights not only underline the importance of sleep for athletes but also echo our mission at Pillow Guy to provide the highest quality sleep products. Ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day is what we're all about, and we're proud to support athletes like Walker Buehler in their journey to peak performance. 

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