6 Sexy Games for Couples to Play in Bed

Have you been with your partner for a while? Are you finding things getting stale in the bedroom? It can be easy to let the spark start dying out, especially if you’re both busy with work and your daily lives.

However, having some sexy games up your sleeve can help reignite the passion between you! Check out some of our creative list, then make some time with your partner to let loose and have fun.

The “Time Bomb”

If you like foreplay, you’ll love this game. Set a timer for between 15 and 30 minutes. Until the timer goes off, you’re only allowed to engage in foreplay! Both of you can work to see who winds each other up the most – but no penetration of any kind is allowed until that timer bell dings!

“What Do You Want to Try?”

This game involves some preparation but can be a ton of fun for both of you. Write down a set of questions revolving around trying things. For example, you could write down, “What do you want to try in bed?” or “What position do you most want to try?”

Put the questions into a pile and mix them up, then take turns drawing a question and reading it out loud. The reader counts to three and both of you give your honest answer. If your answer is the same, you do whatever you said!

The “Bedroom Rumble”

This fun bedroom game gives you a chance to learn more about your partner and build up anticipation! Stand in the doorway and have your partner lie on the bed (both of you naked, of course!). Your partner asks you questions about themselves – things like “What’s my favorite scent?” or “Where do I like to be kissed?” For every item you get right, you get to move a step closer to the bed until you finally get close enough to claim your winning prize!

This sexy game could be a fun one to switch up, as well. Take turns standing in the doorway or try this out in different spots in your house!

“Blindfold Fun”

Although the title might give this bedroom idea for couples away, it is still effortless and can definitely spice things up! One of you volunteers to wear a blindfold, and the other person takes charge. The person who can see leads the blindfolded person anywhere in the home and gets to do whatever they want to their partner. Set a timer for an added twist; when the timer goes off, you have to switch!

“Guess Where”

Another great game for couples that love foreplay! Have one partner choose a place they want the other person to kiss, but don’t say it out loud! The partner doing the kissing has to kiss all over until they find the spot you wanted. Switch roles and have fun!

“Guess What”

This last game can get quite naughty quite quickly, but that’s the fun of it, isn’t it? Have your partner sit or kneel on the ground, with their eyes closed and mouth open. Then you place different body parts against their mouth and make them guess what it is. Switch roles to keep things interesting!