5 reasons we only use Responsibly Sourced Down (RDS)

The concept of Responsibly Sourced Down revolves around the fact that the better quality down and the feathers are obtained from such ducks and Geese stock, which are treated with care. It indicates that giving the ducks and Geese stock a healthy life, free from any sort of pain, fear or distress helps them to grow well. Once you allow them to grow well with the better living conditions, you will be getting a better quantity Down and the Feathers.

            Now the question is, why do we prefer to use Responsibly Sourced Down mechanism for our business? There are multiple reasons for it. We are sure that by going through the below-mentioned reasons, you would come to know that our way of growing the ducks and geese for the purpose of obtaining the feathers and down, is quite humane. So, without going into any other detail, let us share 5 major reasons that why we only use the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) mechanism.

There are multiple techniques and mechanisms through which the feathers and the down can be extracted, but keeping all the ethical standards in view, our choice is the RSD.

1. The forceful ways of feeding is prohibited: There are many techniques which uses the mechanical ways of feeding the birds including the ducks and the geese. In such techniques, the birds are forced to eat, which is quite nasty and inhumane. The RDS believes in feeding the birds exactly according to their own will of feeding.

2. Live Plucking is strictly not allowed: There are multiple cruel techniques which are based on live plucking of the birds to get the down and the feathers, which is quite painful. The RSD is based on extracting the down once the bird is dead.

3. Fulfilling the Nutritious Needs: The best approach in RDS is that the birds are provided with enough water and food, so that they can fulfill their nutritious needs.

4. Providing the Birds with the Space to Move: If the birds are not provided with the enough space to move around, they cannot grow in the best possible way. So RDS provides quite enough space to the birds, so that they may move freely.

5. Health of the Bird: RDS promotes proper vaccinations of the birds, so that they would live a healthy life and grow well.

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