Our Story

Its time for men to step up the bedroom game and understand what true, luxury bedding is all about. You wear nice clothes, you drive a decent car you have a respectable pad. You take pride in yourself and your appearance,

so start taking pride in your bedroom.

That's where we step in, Pillow Guy is all about making the process of buying bedding easy for men. All guys have to do is answer three simple questions about their sleeping habits, and Pillow Guy provides them with a luxurious bedding bundle based off their sleeping habits. It's everything you need to curate your master suite .

What inspired you to start Pillow Guy?

I’m recently single and I didn’t know where to start with buying bedding. So I actually had my mom come in from New York. We went to TJ Maxx, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, we skipped WalMart. She picked out very ugly bedding for me. So I now have this ugly bedding and it can be a little embarrassing when someone else visits my bedroom and sees this freaking ugly bedding.

Do you like shopping with your mom?

No. She just picked out bedding for me she liked. Needless to say, we have very different taste.

What are men are looking for in bedding?

Comfort, style, and simplicity. Shopping for sheets at a store means you’re basically running around, fitting pieces like pillows, sheets, inserts, comforters, into this complicated bed shaped puzzle.With Pillow Guy, you get everything you need.

We also created our products to be wrinkle-resistant, so after you pull your clean sheets out of the dryer it doesn’t look like it just went through … a dryer.

Founder & CEO of Pillow Guy