Storage is important- no one likes a messy room! Clutter can easily have your bedroom feeling stuffy and oppressive. This is a big no-no, we want our bedroom to be the place that relaxes us and reduces stress.

Small bedrooms can benefit from beds with storage drawers or lifted beds that provide space for storage below. A trunk at the foot of the bed can double as storage and seating.

Larger rooms can hold dressers or shelves and can make for quite the stunning visual. Using decorative boxes on shelves to store your items will help avoid the clutter and instead make for a clean, simplified aesthetic.


Carleen Laronn

The Author

Carleen Laronn is the model with interior motives. A business graduate turned designer, she is a creative soul and the perfect combination for your interior design needs. Whether modeling in front of a camera or transforming a dull or empty space into a dream home-  it’s clear, Carleen’s passion has always been to create. Her experience in both the design and fashion industry have refined her taste and skills allowing her to create unique, one of a kind designs that speak to her clients. Want to work with Carleen? Contact info below! 

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